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Cadence: Engineering the Next Generation

Developing the Latest in Specialty Devices

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Cadence is an advanced manufacturing partner that assists medical and life science companies to bring better devices to market faster.  The company is:
  • Ranked “the 5th manufacturer in the USA for job creation” – Inc. (2012)
  • Listed among the “5000 fastest-growing private companies in the USA” – Inc. (2013)

Cadence, Inc. has been operating in Staunton for 30 years. The start-up company, which was founded as Specialty Blades in 1985, initially opened to meet the needs of companies that required high performance, razor sharp custom-made cutting blades. The company has since evolved into an international, multi-faceted, market leader providing outsourced design and manufacturing solutions for surgical, industrial, and scientific applications.

The business first launched with just two people in an old creamery building in downtown Staunton. Today the company is based in a stunningly modern corporate headquarters complex with more than 100,000 square-feet of custom-designed space, including an incision lab, laser welding, and research and development space. The company manufactures critical elements for some of the most complex minimally invasive surgical devices in the world.

Employees are integral to the company’s continual development of new processes. Employees at the company developed a proprietary CNC sharpening process that featured precisely controlled, multiple step grinding and honing sequences similar to that used on razor blades, but optimized for maximum product flexibility. The company’s proven success in developing high-performance cutting solutions spilled over into the sophisticated medical device market.

"We have a very special team of highly motivated employees who remain focused on creating new manufacturing technologies to enable new product innovation." - Alan Connor, CEO

Key dates:

• Recognizing the enormous demand for growing medical device market in new and unique ways, Specialty Blades created IncisionTech in 2005 with a new mission - to enable better patient outcomes through innovative incision technologies. IncisionTech's core competence was providing expert solutions for surgical cutting, piercing, and delivery system applications.

• In January 2008, Specialty Blades, Inc. and its medical device division IncisionTech completed the acquisition of Popper and Sons, Inc. The acquisition of Popper, a leading specialty needle and metal tubing manufacturing company, made the combined company one of the leading contract surgical manufacturers of cutting and piercing devices for the medical device industry.

• This expansion paved the way for the creation of the Cadence Science division, which was focused on lab and analytical science applications.

• In January of 2011, the three divisions of Cadence (Cadence Science, Incision Tech, and Specialty Blades) were combined to create a truly unique partner for the healthcare and life science markets.

• In August of 2014, Cadence further expanded by acquiring three operating units of Plainfield Precision Holdings. Plainfield Precision Holdings is a highly specialized solutions provider of assembled products that integrate stamped metal and molded plastic components. This acquisition firmly positioned Cadence within the top global providers of technologies and services used in medical, automotive, defense, and industrial products.

Cadence employs more than 200 people at its headquarters complex in the Green Hills Technology Center in Staunton. The company has more than 475 employees spread across multiple locations — Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and the Dominican Republic.

Although Cadence, Inc. stock is not listed and traded on any of the national stock exchanges, the company has more than 200 shareholders. To learn more about Cadence, Inc. visit


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